Senderismo Pirineos Alto Gállego

Undoubtedly the main activities in the Region are hiking, hill walking and mountaineering, as well as road cycling and mountain biking.

When you visit, make sure to take a day out to try one of those activities. It won’t take much to leave your troubles behind. There are trails through all types of woods, trails that end up at a lake or mountain lake (known as ibones), that follow the course of a river, or that finish up at a shrine or viewing point. There are trails that cross the border into France, where you can touch the snow in the summer time, and where you can pick wild strawberries or mushrooms. There are trails to abandoned villages, to peaks that are easy to climb, to peaks that are known throughout Europe like the Midi and other three-thousanders. There are specific trails like the smugglers’ trail, the marmots’ trail, the Way of Saint James (Camino) and trails used to move herds.

The GR11 is very well known and very popular. This Great Trail (Gran Recorrido) that runs from west to east, from the Cantabrian Mountains to the Mediterranean, crosses the Pyrenees at a number of iconic passes. Walkers usually take a few years to complete the trail. Many smaller trails are also waymarked; these are the PR, the Pequeño Recorrido. You can buy publications specifically about these trails too.

If you are visiting with your family, and with children, there are lots of routes on pathways and quiet roads, so that you can take shorter excursions, without losing the sense of adventure and still discovering nature, either on foot, by bike, on horseback, etc

Photo: La Ripera