Media y Alta Montaña Comarca Alto Gállego

Midand High Mountains

Of course you must be planning on taking a hike through the mountain – or alpine – meadows, above the treeline. The scenery is spectacular and transmits the sensations you feel when you are in an open space, such as freedom and peacefulness.

But remember, these highland meadows are where traditional livestock like to graze, and for thousands of years livestock has contributed significantly to the maintenance of the landscape and to its rich biological diversity. Scientists say that within European ecology these meadows are one of the ecosystems with the most biodiversity, and in the Alto Gállego we go to great lengths to conserve and care for them.

So when you decide to take to the mountains for a day’s walk, you should go well prepared, ensuring that you are fit enough and have the necessary equipment.

If you are an experienced walker over mid-and high-mountain trails, feel free to head off on your own; if not, it is recommended that you book a place with one of the companies that provide guided hikes.

Photo: Ibon de Sabocos lake in Panticosa