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Excursion to Ibonciecho

Excursion to Ibonciecho

ibonciecho comarca alto gallego

This is a walking route, a hike that at a good average pace takes about 6 hours there and back. You will have a lovely day out in the mountains, in touch with nature, and keep an ear out for the always unexpected marmot whistles.

The trail is well marked and there are no particular difficulties along the way. However, it is important to remember that you are in the mountains and so it is vital that you have appropriate footwear, wear warm, waterproof clothes, and bring water, something to eat and sun protection.

Drive as far as La Sarra reservoir. Cross the dam; the track you are going to take is on the right immediately afterwards. There is a chain across the trail as access is restricted to authorised vehicles only. This track is crossed by a much nicer path which climbs up through natural pine forest. Once you have crossed the dense woods, you come to an area of meadows and rocks; this is where the marmots live. You will have no problems hearing them, as they whistle a lot, and if you pay attention you will see them as well. There is also a copse of mountain pine. This tree grows at higher altitudes than other trees. Beyond this altitude trees cannot cope with the climate as it is very tough for most of the year.

The track brings you to a shepherds’ hut, which was used during the summer when large flocks of sheep grazed in this area. This is a good spot to stop and take in the panoramic views.

From here you take a track that goes upwards in short zigzags to Ibonciecho, a small mountain lake and your destination for today. Have a picnic on the banks of the lake, take a rest and build up some energy for the descent.

If you are feeling good and want to do some more walking, you can continue on to the Musales pass, at the other side of which you can see the Piedrafita cirque with the Balaitus peak which, at 3,100 metres, is the highest in the valley.

The descent is by the same route as far as La Sarra.