Rutas PR Comarca Alto Gállego
rutas pr comarca alto gallego

PR Routes

PR (Pequeño Recorrido) routes are shorter trails that show specific environments or end at a town or village, climbing hut or at a local site. Often it is possible to hike back to the village where you started by planning a route that takes in sections from various trails.

The signage system on PRs is the same as on the GR (Gran Recorrido) trails, though the colours used are white and yellow markings. The duration of PR routes can vary from a short walk, to half-day excursions, full-day excursions and even weekends.


Biescas is the central point in an interesting network of PR routes that stretches as far as the entrance to the Tena Valley and the Serrablo area.

PR-HU 1: Acumuer – Isín – Larrés – Sabiñánigo – Baranguá –L’Asieso – Latre – Caldearenas

PR-HU 2: Orós Bajo – Barbenuta – Espierre – Yésero

PR-HU 3: Oliván – detour to Susín – detour to Berbusa – Ainielle – Basarán – Bergua – Fiscal

PR-HU 4: Oliván –Shrine to Saint Orosia – Yebra de Basa

PR-HU 5: Shrine to Saint Orosia – Isún de Basa – Satué – Shrine to Saint Orosia

PR-HU 6: Yebra de Basa – Sobás – Fanlillo – Fiscal

PR-HU 7: Fanlillo – Espín – Fablo – Gillué – Cañardo – Laguarta

PR-HU 8: Hostal de Ipiés – Ipiés – Sandiás – Cerésola – Feminillosa – Bescós – Molino de Escartín – Gillué

PR-HU 10: Yosa de Sobremonte – Acumuer

PR-HU 78: Biescas (GR15) – Saint Elena’s Shrine – Biescas

PR-HU 79: New bridge over the River Sía (GR15) –Paco de Gavín – Bridge over the River Sía (GR15)

PR-HU 80: Biescas (Arratiecho Park, GR15 cross) – Witches’ Cottage (Casita de las Brujas) –Arratiecho Park (GR15)