Balaitus Pirineos Alto Gállego
Los Infiernos Pirineos Alto Gállego


Our emblematic peaks.

Since two French cartographers, and later a climber from Sallent, reached the top of Pico de los Moros or Balaitús (3,144 m) for the first time, every year countless people attempt the climb; and some succeed. It is one of the star peaks for Pyrenees mountaineers, along with the Midi d’Ossau, though the Midi is less than 3,000 metres.

Although managed locally, the climbing huts’ (refugios de montaña) infrastructure provided by the Aragon Mountaineering Federation (Federación Aragonesa de Montañismo) is excellent, as it allows climbers to reduce the load they have to carry and so enjoy the exceptional scenery at hand even more, if that’s possible. The huts in the area are as follows:

Refugio de Respomuso

Refugio Casa de Piedra

Refugio Ibones de Bachimaña



Balaitús (3,144m)

Aguja Cadier (3,022 m)

Aguja Usel (3,022m)

Pico de la Frondella (3,071m)

Frondella Norte (3,062 m)

Frondella Central (3,055 m)

Frondella Occidental (3,001 m)

Torre de Costerillou (3,049 m)

Gran Facha (3,005 m)

Infierno Central (3,082 m)

Infierno Oriental (3,076 m)

Infierno Occidental (3,073 m)

Pico Arnales (3,006 m)

Aguja Pondiellos (3,011 m)

Garmo Negro (3,051 m)

Pico Algás (3,036 m)

Algás Norte (3,032 m)

Pico Argualas (3,046 m)

Fotografía superior: Balaitus
Fotografía inferior: Infiernos desde Formigal