via ferrata comarca alto gallego
via ferrata comarca alto gallego

Vías Ferratas

What is a via ferrata? It is a route that is protected on the vertical, as well as on the horizontal, that is there are steps, chains, pegs, handrails, bridges, etc. that enable hikers who have no climbing experience to reach difficult areas. As you can see, the vias ferrata are a great way to start climbing, and in Escarrilla it is not uncommon to children using them. If this is your first time using a via ferrata, it is essential to book a guide; they will also provide you with the specialist equipment you need.



You can get to the via ferrata by foot from the village. You can choose the level of difficulty and, as already mentioned, this route is suitable for beginners and for children.

If you are not sure if you are physically able or fit enough to take on a via ferrata, it’s easy to check: if you can walk up to the fourth floor of a building without difficulty, you can do it.



Shortly after Biescas, towards France, there is a via ferrata. As described elsewhere on the website, because of the different sites around Santa Elena this area is a must-see. And if you are up for the challenge, why not climb up to the shrine by the most difficult route?



The Sorrosal Waterfall in Broto. Peña de San Miguel mountain peak in Salto del Roldan. The Siala climb in Gourette (France).