From Biescas to the Gavín campsite
From Biescas to the Church of Saint Elena
Old Way from Sallent to La Sarra
Panticosa to Pueyo de Jaca
Panticosa to Hoz de Jaca
Piedrafita de Jaca–Tramacastilla de Jaca
Izarbe Trail
El Betato Beech Wood

El Betato Beech Wood



Located between Piedrafita de Jaca and Tramacastilla, it is possible to complete the route from either village.

This route has been chosen as it is very accessible and because of the beech and broad-leaf woods, which are not common features of the Spanish landscape. They are, however, quite common in this part of the country due to local conditions, i.e. the altitude, humidity, type of soil. As a result you have a choice between this route or another equally interesting walk.

The route follows a hillside path that is dotted with veteran trees, some of which are hundreds of years old. A small stream also accompanies you on the walk. If you take your time, you will certainly come across a few little surprises on the way, such as animal trails, mountain insects, newts or salamanders.

You will notice something very special and particular to these woodlands, and that is the light. It is completely different to the light in pinewoods or oak forests, which we are more used to. A mature beech wood has very little undergrowth, and with such large and beautiful trees and the distribution of their leaves, the sunlight is filtered in a very special way.

Something similar happens to the sounds, as no other wood has as many fallen leaves as a beech forest. Go off the path and walk slowly, you will realise that the sound of your steps multiplies as you walk. Now imagine what that would be like at night, when the movement of any little mouse through the woods would be heard with such clarity that you would think it was a bear! This is one of the aspects of these woods that makes them really magical.