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Panticosa to Hoz de Jaca
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Panticosa to Hoz de Jaca

panticosa hoz de jaca senderos comarca alto gallego



A track that connects these two localities by one of the prettiest woods in the Region. The walk is about 5 kilometres long and, taking your time, is about 2 hours one way.

The route is not a loop; if you have two vehicles, you can leave one at Panticosa and use the other to go to Hoz de Jaca. You can return to Panticosa by the road between Hoz de Jaca and Pueyo de Jaca.

You will need footwear that is suitable for hillwalking, water, something to eat and, if you are walking with children, we suggest that you tell them or read them a story about fairies or woods. It is the ideal place for it, and definitely they will end up seeing a few of the characters among the trees.

The trail is the PR-HU 92, and there are markers and wooden signs along the way. There are no difficult spots, although you will encounter a few inclines. The excursion begins at the Panticosa cable car. From there it crosses the Caldarés and Bolática rivers, at which point the path leads into a woods and continues on through the woods until the end. If you are visiting in the late summer, you will be get a chance to taste some forest fruits, like blackberries and hazelnuts; another incentive to choose this lovely route

You cannot leave Hoz de Jaca without seeing the amazing viewing point over the Búbal reservoir. Without going into details, it is sufficed to say, do not skip it! Furthermore when you reach the end of the trail, you can visit the Herders’ Life Interpretive Centre (Centro de Interpretación de la Vida Pastoril).

And after the walk, why not visit Javierrelatre? There is some very interesting architecture in the village, with the church that overlooks the village, a birdwatching trail in the area, stone houses and a bakery that makes bread and cakes the old fashioned way.