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esqui nordico o esqui de fondo en la comarca alto gallego

The circuit is 5.5 kilometres long and you can choose between three different levels: Expert (5.5 km), Intermediate (3.5 km) and Beginners (1.5 km).

The ski circuit is linked to the Resort Balneario in Panticosa. The first records about people using the thermal springs go back to Roman times. The earliest references to the existence of facilities and people living in the area, establishing the Antiguo Balneario de Panticosa, are from the late 17th Century. However, it was in 1827 when a Royal Decree granted ownership of the springs and their surroundings to Nicolás Guallart when construction began, definitively, on the eight buildings that form the complex, and which was declared a National Artistic Monument in 1994.

Over the years the ski circuitwas improved and developed. In fact some high-level competitions were held here for the 10th Jaca University Games in 1981 and the 12th University Games in 1995.

On 1st January 2000 the Antiguo Balneario became part of the Nozar Group and so the transformation into the Resort Balneario Panticosa began. Over time interest in the historic skiing circuit waned, until 2004 when maintenance of the circuit stopped. During the 2011/12 season the Resort management made an initial attempt to reopen the circuit.

In the summer of 2011 the Panticosa Town Hall took over the situation and commissioned a report into the reopening of the circuit. This was very timely given the recent surge in popularity of Nordic skiing, which offers an alternative to Alpine skiing in the Tena Valley and lets visitors enjoy the idyllic environment they find themselves in, as well as its history.

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