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Snowbike y Construcción de Iglús

construccion iglus comarca alto gallego


Did you ever imagine that you would swap your skis or board for a snowbike?

This new winter sport, developed in Austria, is a mixture of biking and skiing. It is a really fun experience that you can do with a group of friends, or on your own. Normally it takes about an hour and you must book an instructor and have a ski pass.

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So you’ve mastered the art of snowman building… in Formigal you can learn to build an igloo and work the snow like a pro!

An igloo or snow house is a shelter built with blocks of snow to form, in general, a dome. This type of construction is associated with the Eskimos; hunters used them as temporary shelters during the winter. They are not difficult to build and are very economical, making them a useful housing alternative for the inhabitants of the tundra.

If you want, you can also spend the night in the igloo you have built – a unique Pyrenean experience! And everything is provided to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep.

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