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Snowmobiles and Dog Sleds

trineo con perros en la comarca alto gallego

Two activities that will transport you to the Great White North of Canada and the plains of Lapland.

So here in Alto Gállego you and a friend can take out a snowmobile, in the daytime or at night, and do a 15 kilometre circuit at the facility in the Izas Valley in Formigal, or a 30 kilometre circuit in Hoz de Jaca.

Also in Formigal, in the area of El Portalet, there is a circuit for dog sleds. The sleds are pulled by huskies and Alaskan malamute. This time a guide must accompany you.

No doubt about it, you will enjoy these two experiences, and just imagine how much young people and kids would like it. There is a fee, of course…

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