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raquetas en la nieve en la comarca alto gallego

This activity is not as well-known as others and perhaps it is associated with fatigue and risk. However, it is not like that at all. You choose the area where you walk and the duration of the walk.

Obviously you need snow, the more the better. The perfect day for snowshoeing is when there is powder snow and it is sunny.

It is recommended that you rent poles also, if possible telescopic, as then you can adjust the height to suit you. It is essential that you get advice about where to go: woodlands are ideal, as are flat areas. You can also snowshoe on mountainsides although it is more risky as it is more technical and there is greater risk of avalanches. Any route with a good depth of snow will do.

Once you have decided on the place and you have made the necessary preparations, i.e. you have water, boots, cream, camera, etc., you can relax. This activity is perfectly suitable for children or for people who do not want to walk too much, and you can bring the dog. The aim of the activity is to take a walk and enjoy scenery which you can only see at certain times over the winter. Once you have made a start, you can set more ambitious targets for later walks, such as a mountain peak or pass.

Lots of shops sell the right equipment and have knowledge about the most suitable areas and times to go snowshoeing.