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barranquismo en la comarca alto gallego

If you are looking for adventure, you could try canyoning or gorge walking. What is canyoning?In essence it is joining the river on its descent, from the bottom of the valley, through ravines, through dry sections and wet sections, and with the assistance of specialised equipment, such as wetsuits because of the water temperature, and ropes in order to be able to descend waterfalls or for abseiling.

For someone who has never done it before, your first impression might be that it seems both very technical and dangerous, but that is not the case. As with all outdoor pursuits, there are levels of difficulty. Set some goals – for example a beginner’s ravine, not technical, easy, the water not too cold, suitable even for young people, book a guide – you’ll see that it’s a real fun adventure and you will want to do it again.


BARRANCO DE GORGOL: Very pretty and enjoyable. It has areas of abseiling, waterfalls, etc. Located at the heart of the El Betato beech wood, a magical, witches’ wood in Tramacastilla.

BARRANCO DE ESCARRILLA: On the River Gállego. This ravine is not difficult, although depending on the time of year the water can be cold. You have to abseil at one point; there are sections where you have to swim and a swimming area at the end. A school-group classic.

BARRANCO DE FORRONIAS: More technical because it has several cliffs that you have to abseil, some of which are quite high. Near Panticosa, towards the Resort Balneario.

BARRANCO RUTAVIESAS: In Escarrilla. The volume of water is very small; in the summer the ravine is almost dry.

BARRANCO DE SOUSSEOUE: In France, with chutes, great fun.