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The Alto Gállego is named after the River Gállego which crosses the region from north to south. Anglers can have their pick of spots, from mountain lakes (known locally as ibones), to Alpine streams, and treasured stretches of river passing through broad valley plains (such as the Coto de Oliván reserve).

The local species of trout is the prize in these waters. It is a type of river trout, typical of the Mediterranean basin, and often better known as the wild zebra trout or the striped trout.

Information about the fishing season, the types of fishing allowed, the permitted fishing days, and the administration required to go fishing in the area, is all available in the “Orden Anual de Pesca” (the Annual Fishing Order), which is published in the Official Aragon Gazette (Boletín Oficial de Aragón, in Spanish).

Enjoy your fishing trip in the Alto Gállego and remember to always catch and release!

  • Fishing Companies: goo.gl/6EuLJF 
  • «Fishing in the Alto Gállego, 2018″ brochure (edited by the Association of entrepreneurs Pyrenees Alto Gállego, in collaboration with agents for the protection of the nature of the Government of Aragon) goo.gl/VCpncC