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Natural Pools

baños naturales en la comarca del alto gallego

Photo: Waterfallat Orós Bajo

One of the activities that you can do in the summer in the Alto Gállego Region is swimming in one of the natural river pools, known as pozas or badinas in Spanish:


Polituara is a village that had to be abandoned because of the construction of the Búbal reservoir.There are still some houses standing, although now falling down. Because the road ran through the village was a very lively place and you can still see words like tienda (shop) or bar painted on the walls of the buildings.

Pass by these houses and go down a path that turns to the right. Follow the course of the River Gállego to the south, and after 10 minutes’ walk you will come across an area where river widens to form some amazing pools that are perfect for taking a dip.

To get to Polituara, once you have passed the gap at Santa Elena, going uphill from Biescas towards the border, as the road rises, just before the first bend, there is a track to the right.You have to leave the car parked at the beginning of that track as there is a chain across it to stop cars and other traffic.



You can go through the Os Lucas gorge on foot. It is a very pleasant walk, and it is possible to have a swim in its cool waters.There is the added incentive of seeing the Orós waterfall, where the plunges dramatically over the cliff.

The pools are one kilometre from the locality of Orós Bajo. To get there take the turn-off towards Oliván shortly before Biescas.



The River Guarga is in the southern part of the Alto Gállego Region. It crosses from east to west, winding its way through one of the least known and least populated valleys in the area.

We recommend that you use the road that goes to Boltaña. The pools are just before you start the climb to the Monrepós Pass, in the direction of Huesca from Sabiñánigo. Once you get there, choose your favourite spot next to the river for a swim, picnic or a rest.



The trail to Sallent waterfall starts at the Sallent swimming pool. It is well signposted and there are information panels about some species of trees and shrubs that you can find in the area. The trail is very easy, suitable for all ages and abilities, taking about 15 minutes to get to the falls.