La Guarguera - Gesera
La Guarguera - Iglesia de San Urbez

La Guarguera, the Silent Valley

The name of this valley comes from the River Guarga and it is one of the least well-known, most “off the beaten track” areas in the Region. The valley is hidden and silent, with very few residents. This is a different kind of route; it’s like a trip into the past.

The A1604, which goes from Lanaveto the base of the northface of the pass between Monrepós and Boltaña, is a secondary road. It is the type of road where you can take your time, roll down the windows and take in the amazing landscape. Every turn-off brings you to a different village, some abandoned with houses that are falling down and overgrown. In some villages you will see houses that have been restored and that are occupied in the summer and at holidays. In others you will see houses that have been restored and are lived in all year round by people who have chosen to return to the land to live.

We ask you to approach these villages with respect; respect for the memory of those who lived there, and those who live there now. And that you enjoy the peace and tranquillity that these places provide. Most of the villages are reached by forest trails, and some of the trails are only accessible if you have a four-wheel drive vehicle. But on this page you will find information about the villages that can be reached without one. Detailed information about each village, including directions, is available at

After Molino de Villobas, there is a turn-off to the left onto a path that leads to the abandoned hamlet of Villobas. The two kilometres to the village can be done either by car or on foot. The 18th Century church is still standing. A little outside the village you can visit shepherds’ huts, the well, and a forge; evidence that life here once flowed.

A few kilometres further on, you will come across the turn for the village of Cerésola. Walk on another 600 metres and you will arrive at Saint Urbitius’ Shrine (Ermita de San Urbez), set deep into a cave and surrounded by vegetation. No doubt you will be surprised; it is a hidden gem. From there, continue on your way until you get to a forest trail on your right-hand side. The trail is in good condition and leads to Aineto, about 3 kilometres away. Aineto is a small village that has been recovered by a group of people who have succeeded in bringing life to the place once more. It now has about 30 inhabitants and some years ago the school re-opened.

Little by little you discover other parts of the area. This route passes through the village of Laguarta, which is newly inhabited and only got electricity a few years ago. The roads nearly always follow the course of the river, and we highly recommend that you make a stop at a riverbank. A dip in the river in the summer time is a very pleasant experience!

Top photo: Gésera

Bottom photo: Church of Saint Urbitius (Iglesia de San Urbez)