Piedrafita de Jaca

Piedrafita de Jaca
Piedrafita de Jaca

Sitting 1,242 metres above sea level, at the base of the Sierra de la Patacua, Piedrafita de Jaca is a wonderful example of traditional Pyrenean architecture which has been preserved with very few alterations.

The earliest reference to the village was in 1203, but it wasn’t until 1488 that records confirmed that it had ten dwellings.

Parque Faunístico Lacuniacha (Lacuniacha Fauna Park) is situated in a woodand has a great diversity of plants. The area where it is located is unique, and undoubtedly it will make your visit an unforgettable one.

As you walk through the Park you will see indigenous species that lived in the Pyrenees thousands of years ago, and still do: deer, roe deer, fallow deer, caribou, lynx, Pyrenean mountain goats, bison, wolves, etc. You will also learn about the rich flora of the area from the information panels, which show the name, characteristics, and medicinal and craft uses of every plant.



Church of Saint Andrew (Iglesia de San Andrés)(20th Century)

Numerous interesting architectural features: crests, carved stone entrances, windows, door knockers and latches, etc. A few of the most interesting houses in the village include: Casa Silvestre, Casa Juan de Lázar, Casa Matías and Casa Jaime.

Former schools

Shrine of the Holy Cross

Parque Faunistico Lacuniacha (Lacuniacha Fauna Park)



El Betato: a serene wood connecting Piedrafita de Jaca and Tramacastilla de Tena

Ibón de Piedrafita (lake) and geotectonic arch

Peña Telera

Excursions on the Tourist Train: during the summer you can travel up and down the whole mountain pass on the Valley Tourist Train which connects Piedrafita with Tramacastilla



3rd May: Procession to the Shrine of the Holy Cross, dedicated to Saint Elena, Saint Orosia and Saint Anthony

15th August: Fiesta over a few daysin honour of the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin

Pirena: The first stage of the Pirena sled dog race takes place every year in the mountain pass at Piedrafita and Rinconada.



Piedrafita de Jaca Local Authority (Entidad Local Menor de Piedrafita de Jaca)

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