parapente en la comarca del alto gallego

You will feel like a bird soaring through the skies. This activity is a once in a lifetime experience!!.

Weather permitting it is possible to fly all year round. And if the conditions are not favourable, it is possible to change location to somewhere with better weather. In the winter, in collaboration with the ski station at Panticosa, you can fly without even having to take your skis off!

The aircraft are constructed so that you only need to allow the paraglider to lift off from a slightly elevated place in order to launch; unlike a parachute it is not necessary to jump off from a height. Flying gives a huge sense of freedom and lifts your mood so that you can relax and enjoy the ride.

Furthermore, in a tandem flight you will be accompanied by an instructor who will take care of the more physical aspects of the flight. Your only job is to admire the views and take it easy! With our specialist camera equipment we will make a photo album of the flight, and our experienced pilots ensure that you get the best panoramic views of the whole Tena Valley.

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