Paseos y Senderos Comarca Alto Gállego

Walks and Hikes

Walking always relaxes and stimulates. It is an easy way to exercise and anyone can do it. Walking oxygenates our body and makes us feel better.

Moreover if you take trails surrounded by nature,the beneficial effects are even greater still. With this in mind we have picked out a few trails for you to enjoy, though really they are only a sample of the numerous routes you can choose from all around the Alto Gállego region.

As an added incentive, most of the trails are easily accessible nearly all year round and they are especially beautiful in autumn; however, if you visit towards the end of the summer you will have the advantage of being able to savour fruits of the forest: blackberries, and wild raspberries and strawberries. They may be small but they are very tasty.

Photo: Piedrafita de Jaca