Birdwatching Walks

Birdwatching is an activity or hobby with a lot of positive aspects: you are in the countryside, you are constant in touch with nature and there is the excitement of discovering, bit by bit, like a treasure hunt, the great diversity of birds that live all around us.

You can go birdwatching all year round and you will see different species depending on the time of year that you head off birding. Moreover, the Alto Gállego Region has a wide range of environments; and as each environment has different species associated to it, it’s possible to observe many different varieties of birds.

The highlands are the habitat of the large and iconic birds of prey, such as the golden eagle and the bearded vulture. In wooded areas you will find forest birds, such as woodpeckers who will impress you with their constant hammering on the tree bark; and in areas near water, such as the reservoirs and the rivers, you can see the grey heron and the spectacularkingfisher.

You will also find summer visitors: species such as the swallow and the short-toed snake eagle who come from the south in the summer time; and in the winter, species that raise their young further north come here for the winter, for example the crane.

We have put together three routes, which have both beautiful scenery and provide an opportunity to see the wide variety of birds that visit and live in the Region.

Photo: Bearded vulture