balneario de panticosa
balneario de panticosa

Panticosa Health Resort

Sitting high up in the mountains (at an altitude of 1,636 metres), 8 kilometres from the village of Panticosa, is the Resort Balneario. It is situated in a picture-postcard setting: a meadow with a lake surrounded by tall peaks, and a path that makes its way around the complex stopping at different thermal springs. There are forests, snow on the mountaintops, and waterfalls scattered all around the area. What more could you ask for? You cannot afford to miss it!

To get to the health resort, take the A-2606. This road winds its way uphill through the mountains, and sometimes you will spot a Pyrenean mountain goat (in this neck of the woods we call them sarrios), so relax and enjoy the drive.

If you decide to stay there are a few different hotels to choose from within the complex, and if you are on a day trip the Tiberius Thermals circuit (Termas de Tiberio) is highly recommended; there is also a family-friendly version.

The complex was renovated recently and visitors have many different ways to enjoy the water: the bubble swimming pool, the outside pool, colour showers, the igloo and tranquillity pool with sky views. Afterwards, take a stroll around the area for a complete sense of wellbeing.

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