Serrablo Churches

Iglesias del Serrablo San Andres de Satue
Iglesias del Serrablo San Pedro de Lasieso

A group of churches, located in very small villages, over one thousand years old, and all with common characteristics; this is the definition of the Serrablo Churches Route.

The typical Serrablo Mozarabic church is rectangular in plan, ended by a semi-circular or rectangular apse, and has a slim bell tower.

Outside the walls do not big bays or windows, but there are semi-circular and horseshoe arcades. The typical entrance is a framed horseshoe arch. These churches must have been covered with a wooden ceiling and roof, which was two-sided.

The most unusual aspect of the Serrablo Churches is the apse, which in general is semi-circular and outside has a curious combination of two, clearly decorative elements: a frieze of columns and blind wall arches.

While it’s true that the Mozarabic churches in the Region are the best known and the most visited, we must remember that there is a significant number of other religious monuments in the area that can be classified as rural Romanesque, and which undoubtedly are of great interest also.

It is not recommended that you try to visit all the churches in one day, in one long marathon session. Instead we suggest that when you do visit one of the churches, you take the advantage of the opportunity to get to know the other really interesting things about the place, about these villages where they have held on to a traditional way of life. So talk to the villagers and soak up the tranquillity and calm that comes when you stroll around their narrow streets, see its houses and visit the churches.


The Serrablo Route: Sabiñánigo – Sardas – Isún – Latas – Satué – Javierre del Obispo – Lárrede – Busa – Susín – Oliván – Orós – Sorripas – Senegüé – Larrés

The Biescas Area: Biescas – Gavín – Yésero – Espierre – Barbenuta – Aso, Yosa and Betés de Sobremonte – Escuer.

Sobrepuerto: Susín – Berbusa – Ainielle – Otal – Basarán – Escartín – Cillas – Cortillas – Sasa de Sobrepuerto

Aurín Valley: Larrés – Isín – Asún, Asqués and Bolás – Acumuer

Basa Valley: Osán – Allué – Yebra de Basa – Santa Orosia – San Julián, Fanlillo y Orús – Espín – Fablo

Southern Serrablo: Rapún – Ipiés –Caldearenas Valley (Orna, Latre, Javierrelatre, Caldearenas, San Vicente, Aquilué and Serué) – Guarguera (Ordovés, Cerésola, Gésera)

If you would like to find out more, click on the each church’s individual page below. Also the local bookshops in Alto Gállego stock many volumes about the churches and it is possible to arrange guided tours that suit you.

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Top photo: San Andrés de Satué

Bottom photo: San Pedro de Lasieso