Viewing Points

miradores comarca alto gallego

Take it all in from an elevated position and let the landscape surround you

Admire the scenery from the same height as a bearded vulture when it flies over the mountaintops; get the perspective of the Pyrenean mountain goat when it clambers over the cliffs and summits as if in an attempt to always be the highest observer.

It is a pleasure to see the world from high up, to sit and become absorbed in the beauty before our eyes, to entertain ourselves by trying to identify the peaks and valleys from their shape, or simply to get to know the area from a different perspective.

And visitors can do all that from the viewing points. There is a well-distributed network of them throughout the Alto Gállego Region and they all have information panels explaining what you are looking at.

The viewing points are accessible by car, though some may have a short walk when you get there, but nothing that requires expert mountaineering skills.