mirardor hoz de jaca

Hoz de Jaca Viewing Point

This is a very unusual hanging viewing platform protected by a steel cage, which hangs in the air, though it is well anchored to the ground. Walk onto the platform for a most spectacular view of the central Tena Valley.

To get there take the A-136 from Biescas to Sallent until the village of Búbal; there you take a turn-off to the right to get to your destination. The road climbs until you arrive at Hoz de Jaca, a small village that still has a traditional appearance with its stone houses, and blue-black slate roofs. Leave your car in the carpark and walk up to the unique viewing point. You will be there in 10 minutes.

A little daring is required when you step onto the platform. It is quite exciting as you can see what is below you through the mesh floor of the cage. Underneath is water; the Búbal reservoir is under your feet. You look up to stunning mountain scenery. A panel reveals the names of the villages and mountains in front of you. For a bit of extra fun, try and find the “Indian lying down”. With a bit of imagination you can make out a figure from the shape of the mountains on the skyline that looks like an Indian lying down. Can you see it?

This viewing point is accessible all year round, but the views are especially beautiful in autumn, when the dense forest changes colour and the landscape turns every autumnal shade. Combine that with the blue of the reservoir and the view is guaranteed to take your breath away!