Mercado Medieval Panticosa
Mercados y Ferias Comarca Alto Gállego

Markets and Fairs


The great success achieved in previous years guarantees the future of this fiesta, held during the first week of July and which like an outdoor theatre counts on the participation of artisans of all different crafts: wood, precious metals, paper, leather, textiles, food, toys, ceramics, etc. They sell their craftwork at the market and demonstrate their craft, and so there is a huge variety of workshops for everyone to enjoy, from metalwork to pottery and glasswork, etc.

The village is completely different when the Market arrives. The streets are decorated, a warm welcome is extended to all, performances are held constantly for the duration of the market, with legends being recounted and ballads being sung, old-style comedies, storytelling, parades, etc.

The Panticosa Medieval Market is organised by the Tena Valley Tourist Association (Asociación Turística Valle de Tena) and the Panticosa Town Hall, with the collaboration of the Panticosa Edelweiss Housewives’ Association (Asociación de Amas de Casa “Flor de Nieve”), the Alto Gállego Region and Ibercaja.



The traditional Livestock Fair at Sallent de Gállego is held at the start of September, with the Livestock Exhibition-Competition being organised as part of the Fair.

Since olden times this fair has always been the first of the season, and consequently it set an important standard in terms of livestock prices. As a result, the fair was popular with farmers and buyers from all over Aragon.

In order to maintain traditions and to mark this important day, not only for the people of Sallent and the Tena Valley, but for the whole Pyrenees in general and for many generations, more than 25 years ago Sallent Town Hall decided to organise some very simple events in which the farmers who were presenting animals at the Exhibition-Competition could participate. And they were delighted to do so.

Since then, every year there is Day of the Fair when, as well as the competition, there are demonstrations of local craftwork, and locals and visitors alike get the opportunity to recall the important livestock heritage of the area. There is also an agricultural and livestock themed show with the complementary migas and wine for farmers and visitors.



Cazataria (a fair dedicated to hunting and dogs in the Pyrenees) is run every year in Sabiñánigo during the last weekend of September.

For the duration of the show Cazataria becomes an important meeting point in Aragon for breeders of hunting dogs and for hunters interested in buying them.

To meet everyone’s needs and interests, a wide variety of hunting dogs are on show at the Fair. There is also a products and services exhibition, as well as hunting competitions and demonstrations and stands relating to other sports and leisure activities.



The Traditional Autumn Fair is held over a weekend at the end of October in the locality of Biescas.

The Fair focuses mainly on livestock shows and auctions, but there is a programme of other events too, including crafts and food demonstrations, and demonstrations of vehicles and other activities, etc.

Top photo: Panticosa Medieval Market

Bottom photo: Sallent de Gállego Livestock Fair