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Saint Bartholoméw’s, Gavín – San Bartolomé de Gavín

Iglesias del Serrablo San Bartolome de Gavin


  • Locality: Gavín
  • Where: San Bartolomé
  • How to get there: From the N-260 from Biescas to Torla, once you have passed Gavín and the Gavín tunnel take the turn-off to the left; it is signposted. The way to the Church is by a track which is in good condition.
  • Signposting: Yes
  • Spatial orientation: To the north east of Gavín


Saint Bartholomew’s Shrine (10th/11th Century) is located in an idyllic spot, on the confluence of the San Bartolomé and Artica ravines, a few kilometres to the north of Gavín. It is possible that its bell tower may be the most beautiful of all the Serrablo Churches.

The Church has a single nave completed by a rectangular apse. The covering over the nave is wood, while the apse is covered by a surbased vault which appears to have been added later. The floor is decorated with pebbles in geometric patterns.

The bell tower, the only original part of the building left, along with a part of the south wall, is covered by a cloister vault and a hip roof of stone. It connects to the nave via a large horseshoe arcade. Each of the four sides of the tower, under the eaves, has a frieze of columns between parallel cords and mullioned windows with three horseshoe arches. In the lower section there are two rosettes on each side and small horseshoe-arched windows.

The Church has been declared a Property of Cultural Interest (and a Historic/Artistic Monument since 1982).