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Saint Eulalia’s, Orós Bajo – Santa Eulalia de Orós Bajo

Iglesias del Serrablo Santa Eulalia de Oros Bajo


  • Locality: Orós Bajo
  • Where: Village centre
  • How to get there: From the A-136, take the turn-off for Oliván, then take the next turn-off to the left following the signs.
  • Signposting: There is a signpost at the turn-off on the road and on the approach to the village.
  • Spatial orientation: In the lower part of the village.


The locality of Orós Bajo, situated close to the middle section of the River Gállego, in the middle of the river valley, is home to the stunning parish church to Saint Eulalia (11th/12th Century).

Saint Eulalia’s really stands out among the Serrablo Churches; it is probably the most sophisticated of the whole group, in particular the outside of the apse.

The Church’s nave is rectangular. The apse is semi-circular and is covered with a semi dome. In the wall there are three semi-circular windows of different sizes and a door of a similar style. There is also an atrium that was added in modern times.

On the outside of the apse, buttressed at the point where it joins the nave, there are seven wall arches; the central arch has a semi-circular splayed window. The careful workmanship that went into these arches makes them really remarkable.

The Church has been declared a Property of Cultural Interest (and a Historic/Artistic Monument since 1982).