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Saint Martin’s, Ordovés – San Martín de Ordovés

Iglesias del Serrablo San Martin de Ordoves


  • Locality: Ordovés
  • Where: Adjacent to the village centre
  • How to get there: From the N-330 from Sabiñánigo to Huesca, take the minor road to Boltaña. At 10.5 kilometres, take the turn-off for Ordovés, which is about one kilometre away.
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At the entrance to the Guarga Valley, also known as La Guarguera, there is a gentle-sloping hillside and that is where the small village of Ordovés is located. The village is still inhabited and its church is possibly the most humble and harmonious of the Serrablo Churches group (11th Century).

The Church is very plain and simple, and the usual Serrablo features are repeated, that is a semi-circular apse and a frieze of columns, but nothing else, and the workmanship is somewhat rough.

The small tower was a later addition. Curiously the entrance is in the north side of the Church, which makes sense when you consider that the Church is on a small hill.

Inside you can see a photographic reproduction of the late Gothic paintings that decorated the Church and that are now at Jaca’s Diocesan Museum (Museo Diocesano de Jaca).

The Church has been declared a Property of Cultural Interest (and a Historic/Artistic Monument since 1982).