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La Torraza de Biescas
La Pez en Yésero
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Centro Fotográfico de la Trashumancia en el Pirineo
Exposición de Arte Sacro
Centro de Exposiciones Leoncio Mairal
Centro de Interpretación de los Glaciares

Herders’ Life Interpretive Centre – Centro Fotográfico de la Trashumancia en el Pirineo

This Centre is located at the end of the Izarbe Trail. The walk there is very pleasant walk and takes about 2 hours. The building, which is very pretty, is a traditional lambing shed, an example of vernacular architecture. The building has been renovated and turned into the Herders’ Life Interpretive Centre, but has kept its original features.

It is an unusual space with an educational purpose in mind; it was opened on 9th July 2000. The Centre recreates the herders’ way of life and there are displays explaining the following topics:

  • herding tracks
  • herders’ calendar
  • herders’ crafts
  • vegetation and plants
  • animal tracks
  • birds
  • sheep breeds
  • animals