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Pitch Interpretive Centre in Yésero–Centro de Interpretación de La Pez en Yésero

La Pez en Yésero

The locality of Yésero in the Alto Gállego Region recently opened a museum in the old jailhouse. The museum uses models and information panels to explain to visitors different techniques relating to pitch.

A centuries’ long tradition of producing and working with pitch has led to the villagers being called pezeros (“pitch-ers”). After many years, the Town Hall and the Alto Gállego Regional administration have collaborated together to set up the Pitch House (Casa de la Pez).

In the past, pitch, which is obtained from rotting wood, was used to mark livestock, to protect leather wineskins and to make firelighters and torches.

There is a path, recently upgraded, next to the Interpretive Centre that runs parallel to Hell’s Ravine (Barranco del Infierno) and which brings visitors to the location of the pitch kilns (called as caberasin Aragonese). The path to the kilns, along with another close by that leads to the place where water was stored, comprise the Pitch Route.

The Centre opens by prior arrangement only.

For more information, ask about the Pitch Route (Ruta de la Pez) at the Yésero Town Hall.