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Pyrenees Transhumance Photography Centre– Centro Fotográfico de la Trashumancia en el Pirineo

Centro Interpretación Transhumancia

If you are still eager to learn more about the life of the herders, and you like walking, you can extend your visit by taking the path that runs behind the Herders’ Life Interpretive Centre; it brings you to this Photography Centre.

The Centre is a restored traditional lambing shed, close to Javierrelatre. It has a permanent exhibition of old photos relating to transhumance in the Pyrenees (transhumance is the moving of herds between lowlands and highlands according to the season).

The Centre also has several documentaries by Eugenio Monesma on the traditional tasks carried out by herders, for example shearing, cheese making, boxwood carving, branding, etc.

Visits to the Centre are by prior arrangement; if you would to see the Centre ask in the Caldearenas Town Hall.

Tel: +34 97 435 9773